Looking for a creative developer (Three JS / WebGL)

Hi everyone,

We are looking for a talented creative developer to work on a new project with us!

We are building a kind of video game, in 3D, with a collaborative experience involving video & audio functionalities in real-time. From 2 people playing together to possibly hundreds!

This is a bit vague, but don’t worry I will give you a lot more details if we work together!

Skills we are looking for:

  • Somebody able to create such applications: https://www.kodeclubs.com/ ; Infinitown | A WebGL Experiment by Little Workshop ; https://bruno-simon.com/ ; etc.
  • Expertise in Three JS and WebGL + how to properly manage performances issues with such technologies
  • Expertise in frontend development (React JS, ES6, CSS, Html5, etc.)
  • Knowledge of a 3D software such as Cinema4D or Blender (don’t worry, you won’t have to create 3D models ;))
  • Ideally, some knowledge of PixiJS or Phaser (we shouldn’t use them anyway, except if you recommend us to do so ;))
  • Fluency in English or in French
  • Contract: freelance

Everything related to the backend will be handled by us.

3D models are designed by a talented designer using Cinema4D.

Ideally, you are available in February or in March 2021. :crossed_fingers:


Drop me an email at kevin+threejs@wttj.co (with a few work examples)

See you soon! :wave:

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