Small web application for mobile with physics


It is necessary to make a web application for mobile devices that uses physics based on a gyroscope (accelerometer).
Given: A polygonal box, a medal, and several objects.
We adjust the box to the width of the screen. We hang the medal on a rope. We place objects in certain places, in accordance with the settings. All settings are located directly in the HTML file. Settings include: References to object models, material texture maps, environment map, various parameters for both the world and objects to provide physical properties. Also in the HTML file there should be links to the JS and CSS.
The interface is practically absent, except for the fact that text should be shown by tap (also located in an HTML file in the form of formatted text).
The operation of the application is simple - we tilt the device - objects move and interact with each other.
The output should be one HTML file.
Sample layout: Medal - Download Free 3D model by Mersus [5769e41] - Sketchfab

I look forward to your proposal on cost and timing.

Show off your work.

Hello @gnomjerom
This is very interesting for me and very confident, and I would like to have a good chance to implement this.
Could we have a further discussion in more detail?
My contact info:


discord: rob3dking


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