Physics in different browsers (Cannon.js)

Hi friends, I have a question, I started using Cannon.js and Three.js, and created a game, but physics works differently in different browsers, is this due to the calculation of numbers in JavaScript?
Thanks in advance.

Could you specify how they work differently :thinking: (or share an example to test) ?

The main issue between browsers / devices I could imagine is the framerate and occasional bottlenecks - so be sure to pass an actual calculated dt between frames, when updating cannon world, instead of just an arbitrarily tiny number. :sweat_smile:

could also be bugs. if you’re using cannon, use this fork which is maintained: GitHub - pmndrs/cannon-es: 💣 A lightweight 3D physics engine written in JavaScript. the original hasn’t seen a commit for more than 5 years, all its longstanding bugs were never fixed, prs never merged. if your problems persists, open an issue there and they’ll look at it.

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