Physijs question


I have written a bit of stuff in three.js, a car racing game for example where the movement is controlled entirely within the three.js environment, but I’m interested in converting that into a Physics game.

Is PhysiJS a Three.JS product ? Is it appropriate to post Physijs questions here ? Can you point me to a good Physijs tutorial series ?

Thanks ,

I used PhisiJS many years ago but since move to CannonJS. I even have a car physics demo that you can check at Car Physics - Three.js Tutorials

People also use AmmoJS and you will find some official examples using it.

I think you will find more resources for CannonJS and AmmoJS versus using PhysiJS.

All libs have there pros and cons over how loud your CPU fan blows.

Hi , thanks for that. I’ll check out cannon.

Note there is now cannon-es which I think is more recently updated: