SLOOTHES: Avatar centered 3D social world

Sloothes is my cloud project of real-time social 3D network with avatars,
3D worlds and animation editor. Something like SL, RLC, OpenSim, Sansar, ect.
It is developing with pure web technologies and three.js. (We thank you mrdoob)
It aims to be lightweight and avoid long long loading. It runs in all modern browsers
and is mobile friendly.

Have a look in (or redirected from Still under developing…


Added water effects.


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The water effect is nice. I can’t get on with the navigation though, the up/down pitching is reversed, I’m used to it being the other way around, like the standard orbit controls.

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OK! I get your point. I reversed joystick controls. Thank you!

It feels the same, unless you reversed both the horizontal and vertical?

I changed control hands. Now camera on the left hand and walk to the right hand.

Oh I see, I was talking about the mouse control - the vertical pitching is reversed.

Sloothes in-a-box. Developing with Threejs Editor (Plus)


Are you sure the pages are loading


Yeah it’s working

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