SkinnedMesh Skeleton control

Hello everyone, I want to share my Research in the field of SkinnedMesh → Skeleton → Bone!
It was once developed for rig testing, and possibly… for some fun.

Link to source

First steps you get by watching the video:


I tried it out, but I can’t seem to use the „Translate“ function? Is this a WIP function or does it just not work on mobile? Btw the slider is in an uncomfortable place, is it possible to put it in the slide out window? Selecting the different points was pretty easy, just had to zoom in on a couple.

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Thank You for your attention, your question is very important. Yes, the Translate function for now only works on desktop, it’s oriented on the movement of the mouse on screen. To realize it on touchscreen I need to decide on an algorithm of the interface. Here’s the dilemma: Make two sliders for X and Y, or add a Gizmo to the selected bone. (the latter is more difficult but correcter)