FBX: Drive a single skinnedmesh (geometry bound to skeleton in Maya) with multiple animated skeletons

Say I have a skinned mesh file called skelmesh.fbx (which is just bones and mesh with no animations) and several skeletal animation files: idle.fbx, walk.fbx, and run.fbx which consist of only animated skeletons. I’d like to use those skeletal animation files to drive skelmesh.fbx while also being able to blend in between those animations.

Is this possible? Is this what SkinnedMesh’s .bind() method is for?

Assuming the skeletons are the same (which they’ll need to be in any case) you can reuse the AnimationClips from each file, without changing the skeleton.

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Figured it out! I just didn’t add skelmesh.fbx’s animations to the clip list and the skeletal animation files blended great. Thanks!