Skinned mesh related: bone/bind matrices update timing

Hi, I’m trying to make a particle system that emits particles at the deformed vertices of SkinnedMesh. How I implemented is that:

I wrote a custom shader that compute skinning and store the position to a WebGLRenderTarget. And a batched mesh of bunch of particles is built based on the texture, also the texture drives the position of the particles in update.

This is a screen rec of the implementation: (5)
(Character is the original skinned mesh and those white points are the batched cubes driven by the texture)

The problem is that there seems a frame delay between the particles and the skinned mesh animation which I have been trying to figure.

The original skinned mesh is udpated before the texture is updated, something like this :

// Updates source skinned mesh animation

// Upload skinning attributes from the source to custom skinning shader
shader.uniform = sourceSkinnedMesh.bindMatrix
shader.uniform = sourceSkinnedMesh.bindMatrixInverse
shader.uniform = sourceSkinnedMesh.boneTextureSize
shader.uniform = sourceSkinnedMesh.boneTexture

// Render RTT  to update texture

// Render scene

My guess is that the skinning attributes are actually not updated at the moment when animationMixer.update(deltaTime) is being called but it is updated when the scene is render which is after I upload skinning attributes to the shader but I’m kind of intimidated and not sure where I should look at as a start. Thought I should ask the forum first before I start to diving into the source and begin to hate myself…

Any help would be really appreciated!


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I was able to manage it by uploading the skinning attributes to shader in the source skinnedmesh’s onBeforeRender event instead of doing it in update.