SimCAD 3D - 3D modeling in the browser


Hey all! I have been developing a CAD application that is powered by THREE JS, and THREE-BVH-CSG.

Check out the demo video!

SimCAD 3D is free and allows users to Model, Print and Share all in one environment.

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UI and Interface

I have used almost every type of CAD/CAM app in existence over the last 15 years, from Autodesk, to Blender to more obscure apps for programming CMMs. I have had a lot of time to think about what could be done better.

I have spent many many hours over the last year tweaking and refining this. I have tried multiple CSG libraries and interface designs and I think this approach is by far the most intuitive. Primarily because editing is done entirely in 3D, which completely eliminates the need for work planes.

(SimCAD 3D - UI screenshots from an iPhone (left two images) and a desktop (right))

Modeling and Dimensioning

I have developed a custom Dimensioning and Constraint tool that allows for modeling and assembly in the same environment. I eventually want to expand this to allow pro users to apply full GD&T to each feature.

(SimCAD 3D - Image of various models created with SimCAD, and in-progress shots of various dimension tools)

Tool Creator

I have also developed a Tool Creator interface that will allow more advanced users to create their own custom tools. I am working on integrating tools into the asset store so users can sell them if they think the have utility outside of their specific use case.

(SimCAD 3D - Tool creator window preview and a capture of the Rectangle Pattern tool being used)

3D Slicer

The SimCAD slicer is powered by a WebAssembly port of the CURA engine. I am converting the GCODE path to an instanced mesh of tube geometries to represent the sliced model.

(SimCAD 3D - Integrated slicer window preview and a capture of user panning down layers)

Asset Store

The SimCAD asset store is a place where users can share and sell their creations. They can share individual assets or entire projects. Users can create collections of assets for quicker access.

(SimCAD 3D - Integrated Asset store window preview and a capture of an asset placed in the build environment)

Project Goals

  • Keep it FREE. I want this to be a tool that will benefit small shops and individual creators.
  • Make the program simple enough for my 10 year old nephew to use.
  • Avoid 2D sketching and keep things in 3D.
  • Available on desktop and mobile devices without downloading.
  • Small file sizes for easy project transfer.
  • Built in 3D slicer
  • Built in Asset Store

Info and Support

If you want more info and to see how far along I am on each feature, check out my website

If you like this project please consider supporting my Kickstarter Campaign.
You can also help support the project by spreading the word!

I would really love any feedback or suggestions you all might have.
-Nate Rose


It looks promising.
I did not find how to try it, maybe I’ll have to wait 134 days. I hope that the application will support exporting and importing GLTF/GLB models, debugging CSG operations, manual interactive editing of object’s elements (e.g. individual vertices, normals, etc).

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whoa, this is awesome, soon we will be creating 3d assets with threejs and directly to threeverse engine.

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Thanks for the feedback! Unfortunately to do the fundraising campaign correctly, I really need to focus all of my energy on it, and I know if the alpha was out in the universe right now all I would want to do is work on debugging the software!

I do plan on allowing exporting GLTF/GLB on release. As far as importing, that might take a little longer. I want to ensure that imported models enjoy at least most of the same functionality as native models, which will take a while to integrate.

As far as vertex modeling, the scripts I have developed to allow for feature modification does allow for manipulating individual verts, and I do have a modified version of the transform controls to handle that scenario started. I do not think this will be ready by launch though, and the plan is to release it as a free tool in the asset store.

Again, thanks for the feedback, it really helps me to see what is important to you all!

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