Signal markers (approaches with shaders)

Hi community!

The topic related to this question: Simple animation making certain components disappear and re-appear
My mind refused to accept four meshes for such a simple thing, so I made two examples of the same visual, but with different approaches.

#1 Marker drawn in fragment shader. Used InstancedMesh with a quad of PlaneGeometry. Wasn’t happy with the result, as, to form the desired shape, I used discard, that led to aliasing. There also was an idea to use transparency, but again, I didn’t like the thought about solving the problem with render order of transparent objects.

#2 Marker made with vertex shader. There are four plane geometries, merged into one, then bent with shader. And it’s still that good old InstancedMesh.

PS Of course, #1 could be made with points or sprites, but who’s looking for easy ways :slight_smile: