Shortsighted in my PerspectiveCamera

when I look near, everything is clear

But if there is some distance between me and object

then object will turn to be a little vague

not very heavy but just like shortsighted

Anyone knows how will it happen or what’s wrong with it ?

image support is here, yellow is clear but red is vague
and I think it should be more far and then start to be vague:

Could you share a screenshot / video of what you mean?

I had already uploaded image to be additional information

See this post for explanation why it’s happening.

If you have no fear and want to increase the quality of textures at an angle, which may cost you dearly in terms of performance, you can increase .anisotropy property on the texture (max. value is 16.)


In addition to this there should also be mipmaps at play, you can set the and minFilter to THREE.LinearFilter maybe?

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Thank u sir
really solve this !

and I have another same question but in 3D model:
I have 3D model in my map, and has the same problem
do u know the possible point ?

I use TextureLoader to load baked image
then put it into
finally use GLTFLoader to load 3D model