Texture not rendering correctly :(

Hello Guys,

i’m very new to three.js and 3d programming. Could someone tell me, why my magazine on the backsite get’s rendered weird? It should look like the same as in the “front”. Am i missing something to “map” it correctly?

in blender it gets displayed correctly :frowning:

If anyone has an idea, it would mean a lot to me! :heart:
thank you guys!

Is there a reason for using the legacy OBJ format? Try it with the more modern glTF instead and the respective GLTFLoader. When using glTF, there is no need to load the texture separately. The loader loads all resources automatically.

Hello @Mugen87, thanks for the message. Yeah, because i have all gun types (i think 30 or so) in this format and there are already websites out there who do the same kind of stuff like me “3d.csmoney” or “steamanalyst”, but the javascript code on “steamanalyst” is very hard to read, because its crypeted or something and the code on 3d.csmoney is too big for me to understand.

I dont even know what a glTF is. I’m feeling like the biggest noob and i try to solve this for hours now ^^

So i wanted to make a “simple” object viewer for this “csgo” objects/skins, but i think i reached my “limit” at this point, so i hoped some expert like you, could maybe see what i don’t see ^^

In this case, try it with this line:

texture.wrapS = texture.wrapT = THREE.RepeatWrapping;

Dude! Whats your paypal? i give u coffee :heart:!

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