Set pixel ratio on render target of Water example to improve performance

I’m trying to modify Water example code so I can squeeze out some more performance, and one way I thought of is to lower the pixel ratio of the render target that used to “mirror” the scene, create reflection. I tried to modify here in the Water code: three.js/examples/jsm/objects/Water.js at f6c9ce62a5374a9611afab04f03b059bf5fb4911 · mrdoob/three.js · GitHub

const renderTarget = new WebGLRenderTarget(
  textureWidth * 0.2,
  textureHeight * 0.2,

This does gives me a lower resolution reflections, but does not improve performance, namely FPS. I wonder whether I’m doing it wrong, and how can I modify to gain more performance from Water code?

How much meshes into scene ?
Disable mirror and calculate performance of scene, look at browser console:

your other code...
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