Seeking Front-End Engineer / Cofounder | Web3 Startup

We are looking for a front end engineer to join our bootstrapped startup (ID8R) as cofounder. We have a technical lead, but looking for someone to accelerate our progress and own the front end of our app and websites.

What we are building:

ID8R empowers NFT collectors and artists to personalize, showcase, and enhance their digital assets (‘Canva for web3’).

We are looking for someone with:

  • An interest in crypto, web3, and NFTs
  • Strong, demonstrable experience in JS, React, Next.js, HTML5, CSS, UI/UX, with a sharp eye for design
  • Our ideal addition also has experience with WebGL and/or Three.js (hence the post here)
  • Consistent availability (20+ hours/week) and ok with vesting equity as remuneration until funding/revenue supports salaries

A little about our progress:

  • We are a passionate team of 3 cofounders, geographically remote (AU, IN, DE)
  • We have an MVP and we are adapting what we learn from early customers into the product
  • We have some early sales revenue, but it’s not recurring and we intend to introduce a subscription model soon
  • We recently secured a grant (Shimmer ecosystem) and won the Solana NFT Showdown
  • Read our whitepaper to learn more about the who, what, and why we are building ID8R
  • We are in the early stages of seeking pre-seed investment, but it’s a tight funding environment and we want to accelerate what we are doing regardless of outcome

Open to questions in the comments or by email. I don’t currently have this listed on any job sites to submit an application, but you can express interest by emailing me a short introduction and links to your GitHub and portfolio:

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We recently secured a grant

This guy has no budget at all, he’s looking for volunteer work. He just emailed me asking me to work for free.

This is a cofounder role, starting with vesting equity as mentioned in the original post (I even bolded it).

Part time involvement is expected while the role is not salaried, so could be worked around other paid commitments, even alongside full time work for those who have the drive.

The grant is not large enough to pay salaries for four cofounders (none are receiving a salary presently).

Appreciate the EOIs from those who read the OP properly :ok_hand: and encourage others who are interested to get in touch. Will be arranging video chats for next week :slightly_smiling_face:

Please check out my threejs project if this would help your Web3 startup, I am currently working on interfacing it with metamask as dapp.

Also see my other three project for interior designs

We are looking for a cofounder, not someone to do free work, i.e., someone who would be working alongside the other three cofounders earning shares in the company.

Some people like to spend a lifetime with the security of a salary, others like to take a risk with their time for potentially a much larger reward in the future. It’s all good if you don’t understand it :slightly_smiling_face:

We have our sixth interview tomorrow and more next week. Still considering EOIs.

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