Shape the Future of Social Content: 3D Engineer Co-Founder Wanted

Hey everyone :wave:

I’m a cofounder of ID8R, a startup dedicated to revolutionizing how brands and consumers create engaging social content with a special focus on NFTs.

We’re on the hunt for a talented 3D Engineer with expertise in Three.js and React-three-fiber, who’s excited about the prospect of cofounding a startup. Bonus points if you have front-end experience in Next.js, React, JavaScript, and TypeScript. This is a non-salaried role initially, compensated through vesting equity in the company. Our goal is to secure funding within the next 6-12 months to pay salaries and enable the team to work full-time.

Here’s a bit about us:

  • We’re advancing our design app on both 2D and 3D fronts (you can experiment with it here).
  • We have an initial 3D demo that allows collectors to import their favorite NFT image, embed it in a looped and animated 3D frame, and export it in a social media-ready format (webm).
  • We already have early customers, some grant funding, and a big vision (we can provide a deck to those interested).

We’ve found it challenging to iterate the product and explore new ideas with contractors using our limited funds. That’s why we’re looking for a passionate and skilled 3D enthusiast to join our founding team and help drive our vision forward.

Our cofounding team currently consists of three members, including two engineers. You would be our fourth cofounder. We’re looking for a part-time commitment initially, ideally around 15-20+ hours per week.

If this opportunity excites you and you want to learn more:

Send me an email:
Or connect on Discord: joseph_au

Please include information about your experience, such as a portfolio site or live/hosted examples of your work.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

your position is internship?

I wouldn’t consider it an internship. An internship would typically have a defined period of time, e.g. 3 months, which may turn into a paid position at the end. An internship would often include training as an entry level position. An intern doesn’t receive a share in the company.

What we are looking for is a cofounder, ultimately a business partner with key experience, who can bring their existing skills in 3D development to help accelerate our progress. In return they receive a share in ownership of the company over time.

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