Three.js / React-three-fiber / Front-end developer needed [closed to new applicants]

Hey everyone :wave:

I’m the cofounder of ID8R. We’re building an app that helps collectors showcase their NFTs.

We’re looking for someone with experience across Three.js, React-three-fiber, along with front-end development (Next.js / React / JS).

We want to build a HTML Canvas template that allows us to insert an image (as a texture) and/or text into a 3D animated scene created with Three.js/R3F. We have an existing web app, with an early concept of this (image is layered over the 3D scene rather than incorporated into it). It needs work and we’re looking for someone who can refine it and integrate features to record looped animations to GIF/MP4 from the scene (i.e. using functionality like this or like this).

We’re a bootstrapped startup, so our budget isn’t large and we’re hoping the template/functionality could be completed within ~20-40 hours of work. It’s a fixed piece of work for now, but could lead to more in the future.

It’s possibly suited to an experienced front-end developer who is relatively new to Three.js/R3F and wants a real world project to sink their teeth into.

If it sounds interesting / to learn more:


Be sure to include some information around your experience, i.e. a portfolio site or live/hosted examples of things you’ve built work best.

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Dear @Joseph
How are you?
I saw your post and I have sent message via Email and also sent a friend request by Discord (rob3dking).
I would be grateful if you check and reply.

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Thanks, in the process of finalising the brief and replying to everyone.

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We have received a number of high quality applications and I imagine we will fill the role from those received. Thanks all for the interest. For now we won’t be considering further applications (only those received).

Dear @Joseph
Thanks for your reply.
I have sent a message via email again and I would be grateful if you check it and give me the details of the requirements and your thoughts.

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