Sea Battle ( online )

Good day to everyone, I have not been here on this forum for a long time, because of the situation in my country, I have not been engaged in development for half a year. But now I decided to come back and to refresh my memory I created a sea battle game, it has already been released and the application for android is on moderation. In the current version, everything is minimally available so far, you can create a game or connect to an already created game. It is also possible to create private rooms with a password so that no one other than your opponent can connect. In the future, I’m thinking of adding 20x20 maps, as well as mines and the ability to change ships. By the way, the change of ships is already on the server, I’m just not in a hurry because this game is designed more for mobile phones and I don’t want to overload it with very large models.


Watched the video. The graphics looks nice!

As I understand it, you plan to improve the game by adding new functionality. You might also consider these issues:

  • the ships are too dark, at least on my screen
  • the ships may sway on the ways, instead of staying fixed
  • the water, although a nice effect, is somewhat distracting
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awesome, i played this game on 2d, this game would be a good mobile game in 3d, just zoom it in a bit so we can see the grid more clearly on mobile.

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You are right, 1 and 3 are just a setting, but point 2 I have already thought about it.

I will do something simple so as not to load the scene.
Thanks for your advice.)


Hooray promoted the first version on the play market ))))))))

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it be cool if automatically zooms into the boards, luv this game its one of the best past time game, no stress and fun

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It’s an interesting idea, but how to do it right. Basically, there is switching between cameras between boards, of course, you need to set the scale manually.

And this button allows you to turn off orbital control

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can i have ur permission to integrate this in android and use it in Google play

It has already been added to the play market, the link is above.

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i am making a version with modern battleships, i will then use android webview so i can publish it on google play

make them actually firing at the enemy with the canon balls flying in arcs. and maybe when the ship gets destroyed, some predator-like de-cloaking effect and then it sinks.


That’s what I thought, because fire is a system of particles that makes the load. But you can’t do it quickly with cannonballs, I need to find the formula for the parabolic flight of the cannonball, and even add an active cannon to each ship.

that’s like right in the name:


you get t = 0…1, lerp xz, and for y you want it to be at some height h at t=0.5 and down to 0 at t=0 or 1, so y = h - something * (t - 0.5)^2 then 0 = h - something * 0.25 so something = h * 4.

(obviously in real life it does not quite work like that, h is tied to initial ball speed, but here in the matrix you can just pick the value that feels right for the game)

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Update 2

  1. Added the ability to change ships
  2. Dead ships self-destruct after 60 seconds, this gives greater productivity. But you can also disable self-destruction in the settings.
  3. Added visualization of the ship rocking on the waves.

they should just sink, lol

and why does the water burn after they self-destruct?

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Drowning, it can be done, I just didn’t bother. I thought about the burning, but they told me not to remove it yet because it looks cool.

you can do bubbles after the ship sank

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New Update ( B52, Kirov ) i think all remamber " KIROV REPORTING "

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