A 3D Soldier | A splash screen for an upcoming game

Hey mates, we’ve been working on a splash screen for an online game and, I hope, have got good results. It’s pretty much minimalistic right now, but we’ll add some elements (Game title + Earth animation) in a few weeks. Everything made on three.js :slight_smile:

The link

Please, let us know your thoughts.


Looks nice! Cant wait to see the game! :slight_smile:

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How much data needs to download? I’ve been waiting for about 5 minutes and it’s at 40%.

EDIT and when it does load I see an almost black screen with a barely visible blue character.

Looks very good! I had no problems with loading (was quite fast for me actually). Only thing I might change is the rock, very low poly compared to the character, but still very present in the scene.

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on mobile it was really weird, it didn’t understand it either, but on desktop it looks cool.

Hi, the Soldier needs a few seconds to be rendered (~2.5 MB).

That’s nice, but in my opinion a splash screen should require less data to load, so the player has something to see quickly while you are loading the assets that really matter for the game.

Tried again. This time it loaded in about 2 seconds and looks great. Problems in the pipes earlier I guess.


I agree. But the thing is that we’ve optimised the model (was around 5MB) and backgrounds already.

This looks great, and I must say it just planted an idea into my head :grin: