Open World Super Soldier Battle Game Demo

This is my first open world first person shooter game developed using Three.js and Amazon Serverless Technologies. This is a link to the demo. I am still heavily in development improving the FPS performance and game logic. Shane Brumback - Super Soldier Battle Three.js Open World Game.


Good! But 5 FPS

Cool concept, but even on an RTX 2080ti, I’m getting no more than 7~11 FPS :sweat_smile: Shooting things also doesn’t seem to do anything (yet?)

Thanks for the comment! Yes I am currently working on the scoring system. I am still heavily working on optimization of the terrain model to help improve FPS I have a lot of work to do. :grinning:

Hi Thanks for the comment! Yes This week I am working on the scoring system and FPS optimization along with a lot of other items. I am trying to have the first objective done by this week or next. I have a lot of work to do :grinning:

Do you use instancedMesh for trees?

I have not tried instancedMesh on the terrain tree objects. I will test it on the trees and grass around the water and let you know. Thank you!

I was able to improve performance by iterating over the foliage array and reducing the amount of loaded geometry. (Trees of a given scale boulders and grass) I was able to increase the FPS considerably. I am getting over 25 FPS on mid grade gaming laptop and over 50 flying the drone. Averaging over 35 FPS on Radon RX580. I will keep optimizing to get the game averaging over 40. Pushing for 60 FPS but it will be tough with a browser game and the amount of models I am loading into the game…This is a good challenge… :+1:

I have got 10 FPS. Into stats you can also show drawcalls, amount of triangles, points etc.

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Try using instanced meshes for your static level geometry. That way, you can easily have thousands of foliage objects and still achieve 60fps :smile:

I don’t want to know what my triangle vertices count is :smile: :smile: I like your game.
Can you send a link? What graphics card are you using? I am averaging 25-30 during full game play during development and over 50 FPS when flying the drone on a mid grade Radeon RX 580

Thanks I am working with instance meshes through blender and also in code and I will let you know how it turns out.