Scrolling interaction with 3D scenes

Hi there, I stumbled upon a site that piqued my interest and was wondering how one could go about developing a site like this.

I’m extremely new to this, and it would be of great help to know where and how I can start developing a site like that. Or if there are any useful guides that shows how to build something similar.


A basic scrolling example with three.js could look like this (no touch support):

Besides, the website combines ordinary HTML elements (like <div>, <article> and <a>) with WebGL content via CSS.

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Building a web site is out of the scope of Three.js.
Moreover, the site from your link was made with PlayCanvas engine, as it shown in the console log.
So, to build a site, you have to know many things :smile:

Ah alright :rofl:

Thanks a bunch guys, I’ll head over to PlayCanvas to carry on this query then!