How can I recreate this scroll-wheel camera animation

Hello, I’m new with this library.

I´m making a web like this: web-project.
I know a little of animation, but i want to make the efects. I have some basics of this library, but I need help with the animations from this part.

I have my camera, my scene, but how can I move page like the example?
Do I need something else, or what elements i need to make that part?

how can I move page like the example?

if you mean how to move a camera along some pre-defined path, check

if you mean how to react to page scroll, here is one way

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With both of them, Because I tried to move my map and the effects inside of it with the scroll event. I was trying with different ways to make this
I think that the links you gave mw will worrk.

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