Camera animation on scroll

Hi guys,

I’m new to three.js and try to get warm with it (any good tutorials / website suggestions are very welcome).

Right now I wonder if there is a way to animate object or the camera, more complex.
I’m just able to increment x, y and z properties combined with a scroll event which looks a little boring.

Is it possible to (for Example) make a camera (or any other object) follow a path (or define some keyframe?!) (x,y,z), rotate at some point (keyframe) and so on?

How do you guys do it?

And another question:
I’m using three.js on a laravel (php) enviroment. So I used a script tag to load the library

    <script src="{{asset('vendor/three.js/three.min.js')}}"></script>

There are many tutorials where further “Modules” are used (stats.js, dat.gui.js and so on).
How do I load them if needed (I don’t know where those files are located nor do I found them by file seach inside the master directory)? Or have they been loaded within three.min.js?

Thank you very much for any help, and I hope I did not bother you guys.



i don’t think there is something ready made other than drei/scrollcontrols. you might be able to re-purpose the code for your own project. click through the demos, it’s pretty versatile, the last one guides the camera through a key-framed path.

full code lives here, depending on what you want you’d probably only need a small portion of it.