Moving camera in given web Page

Hello ,

Here is link of Web page

I want to make similar site like this for my web page. Just want to know how camera is moving for TEXT Part to 3D- MODEL.

is there any algorithm or I have to manually write code (define path)?

Thanks in advance

If you want to move any object along a path, including a camera, that’s pretty easy :

  • pick any type of three.js Curve class you want for your path, let’s say CatmullRomCurve3

  • create the geometry of your curve

  • create a t variable whose range will be from 0 to 1, and increment it of like 0,001 each frame

  • call catmullRomCurve3.getPointAt( t ) on each frame, you get a vector

  • position your camera on the resulting vector on each frame.

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For me, it looks like a tweening the position of camera in spherical coordinates.

Seems, it works exactly this way:


Thank you so much @prisoner849 and @felixmariotto for your time