3D Scrolling Interaction With 3D Website

Hi there, how one could create a 3D scroling down movement similar to the one used in ‘https://theyearofgreta.com/’ this website. Knowing that I am new to programming, and it would be greatly appreciated to help me with any useful guides and steps that show how to create something similar.


It involves a lot of techniques with threejs an javascript. Maybe you can start using the wheel event :

And link it with position and rotation of the mesh in the scene.

Also, I think the question is too broad to be answered efficiently.

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Thank you very much.

Here is an example that uses various html document scroll properties to trigger javascript functions that change some threejs scene properties.

Animate on Scroll : Animate on Scroll - Three.js Tutorials

It is just one of the many ways to do it.

Are here is another way that I found on discourse.

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there is a ready made control for this in the react + three eco system: GitHub - pmndrs/drei: 🌭 useful helpers for react-three-fiber i don’t think you’ll find something like that in vanilla, you’d have to create it from scratch.

with this though you’d be able to make the barebones of that site you linked pretty quick. you can also make it completely in blender and then just tie the animation to scroll.

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