Sci-fi Scene that I made

Hey guys and gals :smiley:
After some time of learning Three.js, I wanted to give my 3D graphics skills a try at making something cool, so I put together this sci-fi scene, based on a composition from this awesome Youtube Video. I failed to make the voronoi animation going, but I still like the result, considering it is real time :innocent:

The scene is composed out of 7 objects: the pyramid, human, glowy ring, floor, orange particles and 2 glow sprites for both light sources. With the unreal bloom pass it makes for 21 draw calls.
Noise textures were essentials for the effects. I wrote a custom emission shader for the pyramid, while the floor is a plane with a modified MeshStandardMaterial with “color-ramped” (blender node) noise values modifying it’s roughness and bump factors. Different effects can be tested by changing color ramps’ min and max points with controls’ “CR1” & “CR2” properties.
I left behind some values for fun and testing :slight_smile:

My code is still a little messy, but if anyone’s interested, here it is

Thanks all for the incredible library and awesome community :hugs:
All feedback is appreciated :relaxed:


That looks nice!

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Very nice! :+1:

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Pretty, I like what you did with the spinning ring on the ground, neat trick. :ok_hand:

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That’s awesome ! I can’t believe the ground is just a plane :open_mouth:
What is the total weight in textures for this scene ?

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Thanks all for kind words :heart_eyes:

@Usnul I like how there is no motion blur, so any screenshot reveals, that its not even a ring, but a decagon :sweat_smile:

@felixmariotto Haha, yeah - 4 vertices, 2 faces :smiley: . I was thinking exactly the same thing when I first saw that video I linked. It really motivated me to dig deeper into Shaders and Noise effects :smiley:
Overall texture size goes like this:
10 KB - particle sprite
386 KB - seamless perlin noise
31 KB - glow sprite (was too lazy to do soft particles so I just halved the image :rofl:)
40 KB - voronoi noise
That gives total of 486 KB, which is a lot and can definitely be improved (probably a lot with basis compression), but this was just a fun project and I liked the look of the loading screen too much :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


That blue fluid-like effect on the pyramid in the video was so catchy that I wanted to try to re-create it.
It’s kind of similar, but not quite. But I think the idea of getting noise of noise is correct :sweat_smile:

And a pyramid is here:
On the pyramid, noise is based on the coordinates of vertices, not uvs.


super pretty