My personal ThreeJS scenes gallery / portfolio made with React


Hello there! I’d like to showcase to our community my personal ThreeJS scenes gallery / portfolio made with React. The website is constantly being updated and from now on I’ll try to create a new ThreeJS scene per week. Navigation through the scenes are seamless, and the homepage can switch to a Shader gallery canvas as well (also rendered using ThreeJS), through the navbar toggle switch. All the scenes and shaders are audio-reactive.

You can find it at:

Any kind of suggestions / feedback is highly appreciated.

Thank you all so much for your valuable time checking out my project.

My best regards,



Looks very stylish and slick! :dancing_women:


this is really sweet, id love to compare notes on how to handle this. Are you using any of those react/three libraries or you’ve got something homegrown?


Also wow, this is really tightly bundled/compiled, loads super fast.