The Gallery - An Interactive 3D Art Gallery

My first Three.js and react-three-fiber project. A 3D virtual gallery to showcase some of my drawings and paintings… let me know what you think / if you find any issues…

I’m also keen to get it working on mobile so any advice on touch controls would be greatly appreciated


Damn, that’s hot.


This is beautiful, especially the mood and lighting. I am currently working on mobile/touch support, and will let you know if I figure it out! Curious how you got collision detection working, that was a major sticking point for me. Let me know, when you have some time to explain! I looked at your code but didn’t see where that idea was implemented. Thanks :smiley:

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Hey, thanks for the kind words. Glad you like my project. Would be cool to see what you come up with for touch/mobile support.

In regards to the collision detection, check out

Implementation is all documented in the readme so you should find it easy to get it working if you give that a read :+1:t4:

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hello there, excellent job. I have my own gallery too and I was trying to migrate it to react and your repository would be very helpful. But when I run the localhost (after npm i and all) there are many errors in the browser console, what is happening? I understand that the one that is online works through gh pages from the same repository and it works correctly. regards!