Replicate this site

Hi, I want to replicate this render of the website How can I achieve it? I tried to create a 3d object with sketch up but I guess isn’t the way.

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page is errored.

Ask the copyright holder for permission.


Now it works

is just for personal use

Why not :eyes: ? That would be the way - it’s just a very high quality model with baked :see_no_evil: lighting and a camera horizontal position synced with scroll - ain’t not much magic besides that -which part exactly is blocking?

I created a 3d object with sketchup similar to the object of website but I can’t fit it to the window and place the right lighting

you learn it here

lesson 50 especially Baking and exporting the scene — Three.js Journey

baking means you turn lights, shadows, ambient occlusion and global illumination into textures, it will look like raycasting. modelling and baking is 95% of the effort of such a site.

so here are the puzzle pieces:

a baked scene made interactive:

ground reflections

infinite scroll