Render to texture broken in linux chrome?

Rendering to texture seems to be severely glitched in linux chrome:

I am close to filing a chrome bug report, but I really don’t know much about what’s going on since I’m not at the level to replicate it without using threejs. Is there a possibility that it could be a threejs issue? Also, if I’m to file a chrome bug, what might be the name of the feature that’s broken? FBO?

The GPGPU examples, which use render to texture, are working for me:

The example provided renders a scene to a texture from various angles–if the camera were never to have spun around, you’d never see the horrors.

Card and driver of myself and friends who’ve verified the issue:

Me: 750 ti, driver 470.57.02
B: gtx 1060 nvidia, nvidia-propietary-460
S: rtx 2070, “latest available”

also on linux, I see that this behaves fine on firefox, and see the same issue on chrome.
That said, if I set the camera near to 1 instead of 0.01, the issue disappears. So I’d be tempted to say this is just a typical precision issue when camera near is too small and far too large (although I admit I would have expected both firefox and chrome to behave similarly).

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Thank you! I would say it’s still noticeable at near=1 but fine at near=10. But that’s quality info and a workaround!

Considering the workaround near=10 would make things disappear when still pretty far from the camera, I reckoned one could simply scale everything in the scene up to compensate. However, then the glitches become noticeable again:

sandbox fork (10x scale)