Render to target with set clear alpha

Hi! I’m trying to render a mesh with some opacity to other mesh through render target. Renderer is transparent (it is important condition of my task). But color in RT is differs from original mesh material.

Left square is an original plane mesh, right - mesh with a texture.rgb from the left one, that I got from RT, top - is a div elemtnt with the same color and opacity as the left plane.

How I can make these three things equal in color.

Basicaly the task is to “take a picture” of a scene and render it to some other plate. Renderer should support different color and opacity. The same for a plane that we taking picture

demo: Three playground - render tartget color diff (forked) - StackBlitz

I suppose that it is a problem with sRGB and LiniarSRGB color spaces transition, or alpha blending, but I dont get it.

Everything work fine on my screen
But you have a CSS overwriting issue using the wrong color value for the div.

Once I write 255 instead of 204, all colors match perfectly.

Thanks for reply, but I don’t have such a thing

This is the tragic limitation of color management between two machines with different software and hardware configuration (it doesn’t work and never will). I can even display these square in green, without changing the code, by altering my browser’s settings, or free apps like Reshade

You may improve fidelity by defining more three color settings, but you will never reach 100% success on every devices.

Looks like you are right, checked on mac retina display and color nearly the same but not exactly. Thanks any way