RectAreaLight remaining at 0, 0, 0

I am trying to create a sunset setting with a bunch of lights and we require a TL-like lamp appearance. I decided to use RectAreaLight (I’ll have to deal with the lack of shadows as well…). For some reason I cannot seem to move the light around in the scene. I have of course called the init function, but it does not appear to be moveable for some reason. Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong or why its not working? Alternatively should I just use a model of the lamp and add an emmissive material instead?

Note: The code for the light in question is located in time-of-day.ts in the SetTimeDusk function.

As mentioned in the documentation, the helper has to be added to the light not to the scene.

So instead of:

scene.add(new THREE.RectAreaLightHelper(lightBar));

do this:

lightBar.add(new THREE.RectAreaLightHelper(lightBar));