Ceiling Lights Effect Using THREE.JS

I want achieve this type of light in ceiling of my house object in Three.js

rectLight = new THREE.RectAreaLight( 0xffffff, 500, 10, 10 );
rectLight.position.set( 5, 5, 0 );
scene.add( rectLight );
rectLightHelper = new THREE.RectAreaLightHelper( rectLight );
scene.add( rectLightHelper );

I have Tried all the light type for example pointLight , DirectionalLight , SpotLight and in last i found this ReactAreaLight but still i don’t achieve this type of light in my three.js scene.


This discussion might help you further: About light map


that link not very use full to me @Mugen87

i need some help or give me direction to achieve this type of effect.

because i have been searching for this about past week. and still got nothing.

and three.js forum has not very active members. what should i do ?

thanx in advance :slight_smile:

This paragraph and given pictures explain nothing. Should we create working examples ourselves, offer them to you, that you can choose an appropriate one, say “Thank you, guys” and disappear? What do you expect, asking such question?

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No i did not mean that but i just wanna know where to start next ? :slight_smile:

Could you explain why? Any pictures from your project?

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here u can see this my object and
i’hve implemented all the control for walking into room
also implemented VR efferect with remote controls…

i i stuck in Lights .

here u can see my house object


The discussion that @Mugen87 linked above is the right approach here. I suggest that you look over it again.

The key phrases you should be taking from it to help in your research are “texture baking” and “light maps”.

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ok thanx :slight_smile:

^ which was in the first comment

Maybe the missing piece is

Someone gave you an asset - house_without_textures_and_light_maps

You need to be in a situation:

Someone gave you an asset - house_with_light_maps

The image you linked is not something that can be generated with three.js.

You can only achieve true lighting with true light aka with high dynamic range so 24 bit on textures, maybe baking, final image etc.never tried with three or GL. It’s a math physics thing you need high power in the lights and an image format that can convey it. If you do get said HDR image also look at Natron the free compositor to try and validate what is scientific fact.