Real-time Rendering and Baking for Three.js

Greetings, Three.js community!

Now real-time rendering and baking is possible with just simple API calls. You can also use some other 3D tools such as Babylon.js, Unity3D, Blender or even FBX or GLTF can be directly used without any render engine to Bake or Render your models.

Sunlight output:

Area light output:
youtube-video-gif (1)

Also, we introduced our own Area Light for some projects like three.js, babylon.js, FBX and GLTF/GLB formats as they lack Area light features. Three.js do have ReactAreaLight but the that can’t be directly used for Baking or Photorealistic rendering in render engines.


It is beta version which means we are still developing some features that will be available as soon as possible. All we need is your support.

RealAPI emerges as the ultimate solution for seamless real-time baking and rendering directly within your Three.js projects, eliminating the complexities of manual WebGL manipulation and elevating your creations to unprecedented heights.

Key Highlights:

  • Runtime Render or Baking: RealAPI introduces a cutting-edge capability to bake and render scenes dynamically within your application, paving the way for visually captivating, ever-evolving scenes.

  • Integration Simplified: Our npm package ensures a frictionless onboarding experience, while detailed and accessible documentation accompanies you every step of the way.

  • Demo Showcase: Witness the power of RealAPI in action through our demonstration videos:

  • Basic demo with Sunlight

  • Basic demo with Area Light

Getting Started:

Any question:

If you found any problem or there’s something to ask, Feel free to contact us


This is awesome, this would be the first step to making high quality game

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