What tools can help me to get this reality

Hi All,
I want to get this reality, What tools can help me to get it?

this is called baking. shadows and lights are drawn into static textures, it is not realtime. this is not really about threejs at all, you need to get familiar with blender. unfortunately it’s a very complex process with little accurate information out there.

this course https://threejs-journey.com contains the only complete baking tutorial i know of. otherwise you will find tutorials on youtube but they never go into the finer details like denoising and color correction.

journey will teach you how to prepare geometry (uv unwrap), but to set up baking pipeline with correct margins, color space etc, how to make an atlas (many models bake into the same texture), and how to apply it to the model. and then you just load your model in threejs and it will look real.

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Bake with 3dsmax lightmap with shadows or ambientoclusion, add second uv, posteffect bloom, sheen

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