Interior lighting,replace object,shadow problem

Hi all, i’m working on project related to apartment virtual tour, for the lighting I’m using baked texture.
So I don’t use any light into my scene and I’m working with mesh basic material.
But, I want to find a solution for this:
If I want to replace a object by another object into my scene, should I use each time a new ambiante occlusion Map so the shadow on the floor correspond to the new object?

baking is usually only good for static scenes. if you can reposition or exchange models then it isn’t static any longer and baking is most likely not the best option. maybe bake some parts and light others runtime.

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I understand but I get the best realistic result with baking texture in threeJS it why I want to go further with this méthode of baking to don’t lose this realism

webgl is all just smoke and mirrors, you can get some realism back but yes it won’t be easy. you can runtime bake shadows for instance like so Baking soft shadows - CodeSandbox someone is trying to port it currently for vanilla here Accumulative Shadow from r3f to vanilla Threejs similar to eevee in blender, which basically just fakes realism, you can employ lots of tricks, postprocessing, AO, …

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Thx a lot I will check that