How to achieve this kind of camera and rendering?

Hey guys, I started learning ThreeJS but I am really stuck for the last two days. I would like to achieve similar images and camera like this url:

Unfortunately, no matter what I try, I am unable to get anywhere close. Could someone please tell me how to achieve this kind of graphics and camera work?

I have attached my files so you can view them incase you wish to.

So basically what I really would like to understand is:

How to get the same graphics (lightning has a lot to do with it I guess?) and how to setup my camera properly.

Look up light baking tutorials on youtube, that’s how you’ll be able to get those nice shadows and global illumination

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Hey Victor, thanks so much for your reply, I gave this a try and it indeed works (at least A LOT better) and this indeed gets me much closer to the result I am looking for :slight_smile:

I will post my results here this week :wink:

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