The .GLB format exported by blender cannot achieve the rendering effect of Blender after uploading

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You’ve loaded a 3D scene, not lighting or a rendering engine. You have to create the lighting you want. The result on the left appears to have path tracing or baked lighting, a realtime engine like three.js generally needs baked lighting for that kind of look. A good start would be to bake ambient occlusion — there are many Blender tutorials on YouTube for that.

Or you could try using a three.js-based path tracer instead, like GitHub - gkjohnson/three-gpu-pathtracer: Path tracing renderer and utilities for three.js built on top of three-mesh-bvh.. Just understand the framerates will not be 60 FPS when pathtracing.

if this is supposed to be runtime, 60/120 fps, then it’s a clear cut case for baking. there are a few tutorials on that on youtube but nothing that i know of that is complete. the only complete tutorial i have seen so far is in bruno simons threejs journey: Three.js Journey — Baking and exporting the scene

and if you go on the main site you immediately see where this is going although this is more cartoonish but you can absolutely create realistic imagery with that.