Re-creating blender bloom in threejs

Hi, I am new to ThreeJS, so I wanted to recreate this cube from Blender:

I exported this as embedded gltf, which I import using gltf loader but for some reason I cannot to reacreate it to glow the same way as in blender. Here is sandbox:

I found something on the Blender forums which is probably related to your issue.
materials - Blender GLTF export does not include shader - Blender Stack Exchange

Also, Threejs does not use Blenders Eevee renderer.

I am actually thinking that your problem won’t only be only limited to Threejs, but actually anything that isn’t Blender.

If I download the glTF specification pdf in my browser, and do ctrl-f to find some text in it. And type bloom, I get 0/0 results.

Type bloom into the official examples website to see some ways you might want to add bloom to your threejs scene.
three.js examples (

If you type threejs bloom into your favorite search engine, you will get any more examples.

Use principled BSDF for exports to get the most out of your exports. That way you can maintain the PBR and values for emission and more.
Check the Bloom PostProcessing and how to implement, it is not more than 5 lines of code

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