R159 USE_SKINNING webgl1 error

Hey, for ios < 17.0 we still use webgl1 and with new r159 USE_SKINNING shader breaks on safari/chrome ios

looks like the optimation for webgl2 to use textureSize Skinning Shaders: Remove need skinning texture size uniform by using textureSize function by gkjohnson · Pull Request #27117 · mrdoob/three.js · GitHub

the error is: gist:57c3f7f970017718b6f6f68be69ebb08 · GitHub

works fine with < r159 any recommendation?

I’ve written a comment at GitHub but for now you have to stick to r158. Sorry, we have assumed skinning was not supported with WebGL 1 anymore so we have switch to a more compact and performant solution. The new code only works with WebGL 2 though.

Also keep in mind that WebGL 1 support is completely stopped with r163 which is in March 2024.