There seem to be some problems with Three.js's support for WebGL1?

After version three.js rc158, the skinning_pars_vertex.glsl directly uses textureSize for calculations, which seems to be a feature supported only by WebGL2. Therefore, can I understand that after version 158, three.js effectively dropped support for WebGL1?

However, when looking at the Console, it still shows a message indicating that ‘WebGL 1 support was deprecated in release r153 and will be removed in release r163.’

Note: As a beginner to three.js, please excuse any naivety in the posed question should it not be phrased appropriately.

As the warning suggests, all WebGL 1 support will be removed in release r163.

If skinning doesn’t work for WebGL 1 in r158 though, that is news to me… if you can share a reproducing case for that, perhaps it’s something we can consider patching in a r162-based release.