R163+ workaround to keep supporting webgl-1?

Is there any extension or workaround to keep supporting WebGL-1 within r163+?

I understand that can cause a chain of issues and be a burden in some cases, yet it would be great to have an optional workaround!

I think Verge3D is maintaining WebGL1 support for some time longer. It’s something like an artist-focused, commercial fork of three.js (hope I’m describing that accurately!).

As far as the official three.js project, no, I think the point of finally ending support for WebGL1 is to be able to focus limited maintainer time on WebGL2 and WebGPU. If someone wants to maintain a working copy of THREE.WebGL1Renderer over the next few years, it would certainly be possible to pull that out of the r162 release and create a new repo with it.