Question about version threejs121

Hello, I have a question regarding the augmented reality module in version 121.
The problem when I first click on the button to switch to augmented reality mode, it switches to black screen and background mode, and the button works fine than the second time, thanks

So is there one thing to change to make it work well from the first click?

I’m unable to reproduce this issue with the latest three.js examples. When launching one of the AR examples on a Pixel 4a with Chrome, I can create an XR session with the first button click.

Can you please test the above example on your device? Does it work as expected? If so, I suggest you use the example as a code template for your own app.

Thank you for your reply, this example which you sent to me is working fine,But I know the problem solved with newer versions But the old versions more better in terms of stability of models in augmented reality, My current problem, I have a very stable augmented reality model with old version,
But it is not stable with new versions,On the other hand, the old versions, it does not create XR the first time

I can only recommend to upgrade to the latest version and find a solution for the stability issue. Anything else is not future-proof.

Okay Mugen87, Thanks