Question about the Augmented Reality module

Hello everyone,
I am a beginner in threejs and I am using the augmented reality module, the problem is when to switch to augmented reality the model move a little, When I move, but I don’t know if I have a problem in my script where it’s a limitation of threejs.
thank you so much

Maybe it’s an issue of the tracking capabilities of your device. Do you see similar issues with other WebXR demos?

thank you for your answer, yes, ihave tested other demos (webxr_ar_lighting, ar_cones…), i have the same problem, just a small displacement of the model when i move my smartphone.

Can you also try non-three.js demos? This makes it easier to determine whether this is a three.js related issue or not. Try it with:

Always the same problem, here is the test result, it is not perfectly fixed in world.


Hello,I would like to know if I move the model in the real world along the y axis, it can influence the stability of model in augmented reality, thanks

Do you mind explaining in more detail on what you are referring to?

yes of course :), when I switch to augmented reality mode, and I select the object so that it does not move, it works fine, but when I add an option to translate it along the y axis When attaching a model, it starts to move a bit when I move my smartphone.