Project with threejs


I’m thinking doing a project with an art gallery but i want to use some kind of 3D technique to make it more interesting, also I was thinking implementing a timeline connecting the art works.

Can I do it with html+css and with the help of this library (threejs) ?

Yes. You can. See here for a few links on tutorials and tips on how to get started with Threejs: Display 3D Model in web using Three.js


Also, I was wondering now if i can only animate my art gallery or i can make it ‘clickable’.
For example, if i click some specific part of an image of the art gallery, the image show some information, or redirect me to another image or page?

Yes, I believe you’re looking for a Raycaster. Here’s the docs page, and it has eight examples you can look at to see which one best fits your case:

Firstly, thanks for the reply. It already helps.
But I think that raycaster is more for mouse over, no?
I wanted for clickable things, like this example:

Maybe it’ll help if you look at these things?


from eXtended eXamples

from the collection

where you will find many suggestions.

Thanks a lot! I will definitely look into it.