Dom Events Help

i am creating a Cube mesh, and i want to add, on click open a new page/tab, i tried using THEEx Linkify and THREEx dom events but its not working, has any one experienced such issue or any one has solution to this… please Help

you need Raycaster for that. see three.js docs

do we need THREEx as well??

I never have hear about THREEx before. Raycasting allows you to click, touch or move objects in your scene and then call a function. in this case it would be a function that opens the page

do you have any example link, other than three js page??

THREEx internally uses Raycaster for domevents: threex.domevents/threex.domevents.js at 1100828c40df668a82a97c811895918088cc607f · jeromeetienne/threex.domevents · GitHub

i tried THREEx… it is not working.

Don’t hesitate to use forum search, you’ll find many posts and topics about Raycaster and click: Search results for 'raycaster click' - three.js forum