domEvent.addeventlistener callback function doesn't work

Hello, everybody.
I am working with Threex.domEvents library now.
So at first time, everything works well. but now it has gone wrong so I am not sure why it is not working.
Here is my code.

gltfLoader.load('/assets/model/house/front_door.gltf', function (object) {
        testva = object.scene;
        domEvent.addEventListener(testva, 'click', function () {
        transformControl.attach( testva );
        scene.add( transformControl );

and here is my screen record video.

so what I want to do is when I click the object, it should have a focus of transformControl.
It performed perfectly at first and I made some changes in my project.
After this, it is not working.
As I think, there is no wrong in logic.
What is wrong in my code?
I attached my whole project here.

Two points:

  • format your code
  • consider asking developers of threex instead of three.js

Iā€™m not sure threex is still maintained. The last commit is three years ago.


Thank you for your reply.
but the problem is that worked well for the first time.
After that I have made some changes but what is make it wrong.
I made another project and it works well.
Kindly check this one.

And I noticed that there is some problem with crosspoint between raycast and object.
so when I click certain area(not the object), that event triggered.
sorry, I changed the url because origin screen record include noise.

I found the problem.
The problem was in CSS.
I had set css for canvas like following.

canvas {
position :relative;
transform: translate(-50%, 0);

so the problem was transform:translate();
I removed it then It works well.
Thank you everybody.