Gltf array click error

Here in ThreeX domEvents am getting error when I use gltf array object
and when i use it on other mesh which isn’t having array it works fine so, how to fix this
Please help with this!!!

second image is form threex js

please help out!!!:pray:

Can you please explain this term in more detail? It might be easier to understand if you demonstrate the issue with a live example.

:point_right: :This is the link for sample
Inspect the page for error…
i cant get that fixed tried many times…

What do I have to do in order to reproduce the issue? I see no error message when opening the application and interacting with the 3D model.


Sorry I’ve not updated repo!

In : js/mainAss.js error shows for line 135.
Now please inspect this

Possibly, it’s because you call this part:

    domEvents.addEventListener(bog, 'mouseover', function (event) {
    }, false)

    domEvents.addEventListener(bog, 'mouseout', function (event) {
    }, false)

before your model is loaded (till that moment bog is undefined). Try to put it in the callback function of the loader.


Please send me some piece of code for callback function
I can’t find any reference for threex callback and this is first time I am using threex.domevents.js