Problem loading material from .glb file

I created a small object in Blender 2.90 with a material and a noise texture as shown below. I can see the object in gltf viewers and in the three js scene but it doesn’t have the noise texture. Am I exporting it wrong or this type of textures is not supported?

Thank you!

Hi tfoller
as you can read from blender documentation you can’t use all shader nodes.

In order to create your effect i suggest to UV/Unwrap your model, and than bake your texture (render to texture) from procedural noise to jpg or png.
they are not many steps but this is not the right forum to answer this tecnical 3D software problem.
Anyway you can find easely all that you need on youtube.

Pay attention you heve to make node structures exactly like the documentation in the link above, glb is en excellent excange format but has its tule.

I hope is helpfull
good blender in threejs