Posting a link to another thread blocks the original thread from the forums

My post over at Nesting scenes is possible. What is it good for? got blocked when I tried to post a link from it to a GitHub repo. And now that thread is invisible!

When I tried to post a reply, it said something about “unable to link to that host” and I’m guessing that host was github dot com.

It seems a bit harsh of a rule for this Discourse instance to prevent posting github links (and making the whole thread invisible), because other github projects might be related to Three.js and people might like to share them. At worst, the thread shouldn’t be completely taken off, just the reply not allowed to post.

This is what I see in my notifications after trying to reply to that thread:

23 PM

(Not sure why it shows up three times though).

Alright, now this thread is hidden too. Something’s not right.

Here’s what the message looked like when I tried to post a github link:

48 PM

Not sure how all this works, but I see both threads you are talking about.

Hmmm, seems like they were after some time? This is the message the system sent me:

43 PM

I’m not sure why it says that 'Multiple community members flagged this post". This was just the automatic spam filter doing its job. Once you have been around for a while it will be less enthusiastic.

Here’s the message I got in my moderator queue:

js Discourse

@fifonik I unflagged the threads so they are now visible.

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Haha, funny thing is, it’s complaining about posting links to #fail

Does this post show up? My previous ones are “hidden”.

You were flagged as a spammer for being a new user and posting lots of links to, then you made another comment with a link to the same site so that got blocked too.

And no, it’s not a fail that is watched for by the spam filter. Spammers might just want to fill a forum with noise, and they could post links to any site to do that.

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That may be true, but in practice I haven’t seen that happen on other discourse sites. Admins can block users after the fact too.

Anyway, stick around for a few more days and the filters won’t be watching you so closely. In the meantime, if anything else gets blocked, just be patient and I’ll unblock it within a couple of hours.

Good to have you on board! :slight_smile:


Great to have you on board @looeee ! Your always available to help. Thanks or being here so often to help out!

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