Admins and Moderators

While I’m happy to set up this discourse, I’m certainly not the individual most worthy of being an Admin / Moderator. With this instance of discourse I believe we can have 5 ‘staff’ users at a time. If anyone is interested in moderating this discourse, please pm me. If you think someone might be right for the role, please let me know, and I’ll reach out.

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I’d like to be. My github:

With great power comes great responsibility. Enjoy!

I’d like to be as well. FULL TIME though. None of that you don’t have to work hard!

I would like to be head moderator on the Three.js forums.

My Github:

Teensy Tiny Note: Could we please capitalize some of the main topics. I really want this discourse to look awesome!

@TheCodeCrafter have you made some contributions to three.js? They don’t have to be code commits, they could be, for example, some answers on stackoverflow. If so, list a few.

Apologies if the answer to the above is obvious, not at liberty to check at the moment.

Yes, I have made contributions to Three.js, I recently (today) made a pull request (my first one) on Github.

I have also been in the process of creating a CANNON.js and THREE.js Mix-in engine, it’s not near being finished, but if you want to check it out:

Even with this, I have pretty extensive knowledge of Three.js, having been reviewing the source code for over two years. I haven’t made much commits, because I have been working on making projects using Three.js and working on making game engines that Utilize Three.js in an awesome way. I really do think I could handle this job, seeing as most of the other Mods will not be able to spend 5-10 hrs+ on this every day.


I recently began the production of FathomJS, because I have been on vacation, and working on making a game. But I finally began my dream project. I hope I can really become the moderator everyone wants

I have made some stackoverflow mentions, and some small tidbits, however, I always assumed somethings like this already existed, and didn’t need me. I really want to devote myself to Three.js, and I really hope I can be the Admin you guys need!

I actually did answer a question on here today:

I have also come across some really nice recording technology, so I could make some nice tutorials for Three.js

@TheCodeCrafter fair enough. With great power comes great responsibility.

Thanks so much for this opportunity! I will manage this site very well.

I do have one more question:

I know what a basic Moderator/Admin’s responsibility’s are, however, are there any key things you want to mention?

The objective is to increase the capabilities of three.js and its community. Anything that supports that should be welcome.

I also think keeping categories to a minimum at first is useful. Let’s use this thread to discuss the necessity of adding new categories or sub categories. I would prefer people use tags in their post titles, and then we can review after some time some tags that make sense to upgrade to a category or sub category.

Gotcha. See the other questions?

There are few differences between an admin and a moderator. For now, let’s keep it this way. This is just the beginning :slight_smile:

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That’s absolutely right! Plus: the only thing Moderators can’t do that Administrators can’t (that matters for my duties) is create categories, refresh browsers, and (possibly, I’m not 100% sure) change site contents. This is all fine with me. Can’t wait till tomorrow!

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Thanks so much for setting this up, looks great!

Are we limited to 5 moderators at a time?

Are we limited to 5 moderators at a time?

Technically, yes. The deal with discourse limits us to 5 mods at a time for some reason. You interested?

Wait. Five Mods online at once? Or 5 total? I couldn’t tell the difference?..

5 mods total, at any given time.

That’s an odd limit. We’ll have to see if it becomes a problem.

Yes, can you add me?

Done. With great power comes great responsibility!